3 april 2017
Peace Palace — Den Haag

6 Degrees Den Haag is a one-day forum that will explore the most pressing issue of our time - how to build truly inclusive societies. Post-Brexit, post-US election, this will be the most important conversation we will ever have.

“As alderman of the City of The Hague and deputy Major, I am very proud to welcome all the participants of the 6 Degrees congres in our beautiful city. We will be meeting each other, and debating with each other, on an extreme special location. The Peace Palace is one of the most famous buildings of The Hague and was founded by all the countries of Europe. A court that works for World Peace every day, founded in 1913. Normally this location is not easy to enter, especially when the court is in process. But on the 3rd of April the Peace Palace will be ours, our place to discuss our opinions about diversity. In this time of uncertainty more important than ever. In The Hague we have over 170 different nationalities and cultures among our inhabitants, more than half of our people have a bi-cultural background. Every day we have to find a way to live together and to get along. As hard as that is sometimes, we give it all we have. We hope you do to. We hope to see you in The Hague and to hear your voice on the site that's usually for international judges”

- Rabin Baldewsingh